[SOLVED] Lexion 8900 Grain Plain

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[SOLVED] Lexion 8900 Grain Plain

Post by Cryogenix001 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:07 am

- PC/Mac/PS4/XB1: PC
- Vehicle/Tool/Model/Object: Claas Lexion 8900 from Platinum Expansion
- Issue: There is an issue with the central auger in the grain tank which when greater than 50% create a white object around it in the centre, this then persists through unloading and when the tank is empty (see screenshots)
- Single- or Multiplayer: Single & Multiplayer
- Steps to reproduce: Harvest with the 8900 until the tank reaches 50% and above. Then unload. White area persists in tank.
- Does it happen on a standard map without mods yes/no: Yes (also happens on mod maps)
- Which vehicles & machines are involved: Claas Lexion 8900 from Platinum dlc

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Re: [READ] Lexion 8900 Grain Plain

Post by desperados93 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:15 am

fixed, will be patched

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Re: [SOLVED] Lexion 8900 Grain Plain

Post by Uruora » Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:41 am

Moving to solved

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