Ski Region simulator reason for failure!

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Ski Region simulator reason for failure!

Post by Sid1701d » Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:53 pm

I love ski region simulator as ski resort simulation game, but the fact is it should have been called a ski resort simulator and not region. One major thing wrong with the game is your always stuck in winter time, ski regions change seasons from time to time. During summer time ski resorts use wedding private parties hiking and biking to offset the time the slope is closed. Also this is also a good time to clean fix and maintain chairlifts and fix slops with a blade, yes that is right I said a blade, move dirt around to cover wholes created with ski or snowboards on wet snow. replace damaged vegetation, to give ice something to stick too, to get the pristine ski slopes, most likely grass. There is more to a ski resort than when it is open.


Another problem with ski region simulator, is you can't ski down the mountain or board a chairlift, I have never seen a ski region simulator that didn't have that ability. Also the gondola thing stupid, I have never seen a gondola you had to drive yourself, the operator is at both stations, a better thing would be allowing players to operate stations that were not under our control and getting money for completing tasks, like slowing or stopping chairs if someone falls off the chair. Also the high speed detachable chairlifts where not in the game. Also the slops where a little confusing, another thing is slops that needed to be repaired or had lack of snow should be closed with closed markers and a string.

The lack of advertising, I would have bought it if I knew about it when released. The game had the wrong name, should have been called ski resort simulator.