Farming Simulator 3D

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Farming Simulator 3D

Post by ferofax » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:24 am, talk about getting thrown at the deep end. :/ I'll be talking about a LOT of the flaws I find in the game, flaws that I hope gets resolved, if at the very least an addition to the digital manual (preferably in-game). I am new at the series, and this is my first game regarding Farming Simulators.

You are given a few short pop-up dialogue boxes, and that's pretty much it. No easing you into the game, like what to do with what you harvest. Even reading through the manual only tells you what to do with the parts, but not the why (why use a Baler?) or the when (when would you need the Baler?), or that you actually need the Autostack loader to use the bales that the Baler just "drops off" everywhere.

Also, there's no general flowchart of how the game works. Something like Cultivate>Sow>Spray>Wait to Ripen>Harvest>Transfer grain to Tipper>Store at Silo or Sell at selling stations. Better yet, something like this:
Cultivate [Drive the Tractor, attach a Cultivator attachment (blue rake), drive up to an empty lot (gray, or harvested lot), press Y to deploy the Cultivator, and drive along to till the soil]
Sow [Attach a Seeder attachment to the Tractor. Check the grain icon to see which grain is set and how much is left (the yellow highlight). If you need seeds, go to the Pallet due west of the initial farm (has the Wheat grain icon)]
Selling grain [Attach a Tipper to the Tractor, drive up under the silo of the grain you want to fill the Tipper, and then drive up to the selling station you prefer, position the tail-end of the Tipper right above the grating so that the Tipper automatically tips the grain down the grating]

...and so on.
The map is nifty for navigation, but you will have to work out for yourself what each icon represents. The manual will NOT tell you where everything is, only the general direction (i.e., Seed pallet is west, so-and-so is further west). I had to find out for myself that the Station is the one with the selling point icon up west northwest from the initial farm, near the train tracks; that the Mill is south of the river to the far west, looking like a nondescript warehouse or something, and that the Inn is far to the southeast of the map (directly south of your initial location), looking like a normal 2-storey house with the grating on the ground.

My general impression of the game is good, for a simulator game, but it is really NOT FOR PEOPLE NEW TO THE SERIES. People like me will really have to go out of our way to find out how things work, and on a portable platform, where most gamers prefer pick-up-and-play schemes, not telling them how to go about doing things is a very good way to make them shrug the game off. I'm not saying hold their hands, but at least give them a few more

My suggestion?
*See that part I quoted? Something like that would be mighty useful. Something that you can refer to when you finished doing something and forgot the next step. A few pages addition to the digital manual would do, but in-game integration would be very much preferred.
*The map could use some context pop-ups. Like, if I click on an icon there, say an icon of a selling point, the game should tell me something like, "Station. Bring your grains here to sell it here."
*Make the map drag-able, so you can actually look around without having to drive around. An arrow should indicate location of your current vehicle if it's offscreen in the map.
*A directory of the notable locations, with a small cutaway from the map for each location, so you can recognize it from the map. A page or two in the digital manual would suffice.
*A notifications ticker, scrolling, that you can toggle from the top status bar. You can keep track of optimal grain prices here, and stuff like, "Your combine has finished harvesting the [insert ripe grain here]", or "Your tractor has finished cultivating [insert lot number here]", or "Your wheat is ready to harvest", or "Your canola field has rotted", and other nifty stuff like that.

...I can't think of anything else to add. I suppose most of the in-game suggestions would be kind of hard to implement, but the others that could be "appended" to the digital manual, I really hope you guys can make that happen.

I'll go back to playing now. On my 2nd tractor (plus the initial combine) and still on the first three lots, but damn, there's so much to do already. At least the ripe grains don't rot fast, so you can actually do stuff before you need to harvest ripe grain.

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Re: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by Rickenbacker » Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:57 am

I agree. I've just bought my third tractor, and no additional fields yet. I'm enjoying what little there is (there really should be more equipment, and more to do), but the map needs more information. In order to find out if a field is sown, fertilized or what, I have to drive to it and look - why isn't this information on the map? And some labels would be nice too, to know where everything is.

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Re: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by markalu59 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:15 am

if you hit the esc button, there are several maps that tell you what is ripened what is going on and speed up the harvest time or slow it down

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Re: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by bubba3c5 » Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:34 pm

i also find that the game isn't as good as it should be i mean like come on i payed for the game on my 3DS's eshop and what do i get... a crapy version of it i wanted to have something like kind of like the pc version of it >:(

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Hay balesRe: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by Dcdevil290798 » Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:36 am

I can't figure out how to pick up hay bales

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Re: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by Nivin17 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:39 pm

I can't identify the vale of frame can you move deeply through it that's only i can figure out more

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Re: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by megaman » Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:00 am

markalu59 wrote:if you hit the esc button, there are several maps that tell you what is ripened what is going on and speed up the harvest time or slow it down

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Re: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by megaman » Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:02 am

I think you're referring to one of the other platform versions. There's currently no function to show what state a field is in on the 3DS.

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Re: Farming Simulator 3D

Post by megaman » Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:24 am

Seeing as the game has now been out for years and it still hasn't had any updates or dlc to lift it up out of demo playability, it's safe to assume this is it. This is the final cut for the 3DS' version, which could have been so much better with just a few minor adjustments and additives. Some pretty important functions that the other versions of the game support that didn't make it in this version are:

-Crop progress overlays on the map. I find myself having to save the game and drive a circle around all my fields to check them and then reloading the game to save time.

-Missing labels for locations on the map. Like someone said previously, you have to figure out what each sell point is on your own.

-Crop wither off option along with time flow adjustability missing. Another simple addition that many people took advantage of with the console and PC versions.

-Very limited vehicle and equipment roster. Even considering the limitations of a smaller handheld console, I've seen games for the system pushing the 3DS a lot harder than what this one is. The game download file is only a few hundred blocks, which means there should have been plenty of room for programming more resources in the final game.

The game just feels incomplete. I've been playing the console games for a couple years and actually love them! I was fricken excited when I came across a "3D" version and bought it immediately. Only to be left feeling like they were just being lazy with this title. I mean seriously why did they bother putting a baler in the game when there is nothing to do with the hay once baled? Other than selling it off the wagon how are we supposed to pick it up??

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