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I'm Nic and I live in Northeast Iowa, USA. I actually help my parents farm in real life and help them with the family excavation business along side that. I'm not in any sports but, I work after school. I got started on Farming Simulator 3 years ago and I love it. I've started to get friends hooked on the idea and they are starting to like it. My girl friend take my computer and she works on her map whenever I'm not on it at school, so yeah that me :)

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I'm Big Country i'm 17 I live in Tennessee i am a farmer. I've been playing farming sim since 2008 and have been addicted to it ever since

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My name is Ralph and I live in southwest Kansas. 59 years old and worked for a local farmer for 9 years in an Alfalfa growing situation. Swath, rake, bale, and even grind hay, corn stalks and straw to send to local feed yards. Too many hours and very little sleep !

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