New here and need help

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New here and need help

Post by 1466IH » Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:35 am

To start with Hello, and i am very computer illiterate. I have windows 8 and just downloaded Farming simulator 2013 a week ago. I have done a google search and found a few mods that i liked and followed the youtube video on how to install them but when i go to the game only a couple of them are there. the one video said so download winrar so i did but still no luck. can someone point me toward a good video or walk me through it on this thread

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Re: New here and need help

Post by herrman » Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:36 pm

You admit being an illitterate so I use this as a starting point.
There are 2 main reasons for some mods (not all since what you wrote) not to work:
1. Mod not working. There are many, mostly bad conversion from FS2011, many are NOT CONVERTED but posted as converted to find a jack°°° who does the dirty job.
2. Archives containing more mods, which can be filed as .zip, .rar, 7zip etcetera.

If a mod doesn't work try to open the zip. If it contains other zips, those files ARE indeed the mod. So extract those zip files and place where you learnt.

Otherwise, if the mod IS NOT a zip, well, at that point you will need winrar (for RAR files) 7zip (for 7zip files) or other files. You can google the extension for the correct software.
IT IS CLEAR that downloading Winrar isn't enough: it is only an instrument for extracting the ZIP files from a RAR archive, so you will have to use it. But it is as easy as zip archiver, so I don't think it's your problem.

Hope it cleared you some fog...

Uh, top right of this page (over the snowcat) there's a search function. Try it, since most of your doubts have been someone else's doubts

Happy farming *thumbsup*
Guy, if you're gonna ask for help remember that we're not beside you in front of your screen. So, please, help us helping you by giving us some details such as log.txt, hardware details...

And remember, this is a forum. It is different from Twitter. Here you can, no, you MUST use more than 150 digits to explain your thoughts


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