New to game. Need help

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New to game. Need help

Postby Puckswack12 » Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:28 am

Never played a fs game before. Playing on the bjorn map on 360.

What should i be doing? By that i mean what machines should i focus on upgrading first? So far i bought the sowing machine that also plows, the sprayer and a bigger head for my harvester.

I was thinking of buying a new harvester with a bigger load capacity and a longer pipe so i can ride beside it with my tipper cause right now i need to detach the head and drive to the tipper which is a pain. Or should i invest in something else?

I guess im looking for beginner tips.. what were the first few machines you guys bought? Stuff like that.

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Re: New to game. Need help

Postby Guil » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:21 am

Really just play the game whatever way you like it. There's no set way to do anything really so upgrade tractors etc whenever you see fit. Maybe you could buy a field or two as well and also join some. On bjornholm i joined the 4 fields beside the chicken coop and your silos.

Have a read of this and have fun. ... Jabxo9HHQg

Ps. Look for the gold coins for a nice surprise at the end.

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Re: New to game. Need help

Postby Hairy Bob » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:01 pm

The first thing I'd suggest doing is to get into logging, as this will allow you to make some quick cash for minimal investment, then you will be free to experiment with different equipment and figure out how you want to play the game.
You can buy a chainsaw for 1000 of your chosen currency, take a tractor to the north west of the map where the sawmill is, cut down some trees near the pond and push them into the water with your tractor, which will soon net you a tidy profit. Once you can afford it, I'd buy a wheel loader and log fork, to carry trees to the train round the other side of the pond, which pays better. Once you have dropped a few trees at the train sell point, get out of the cab and look for a lever with a blue icon in front of it. Pull the lever by pressing RB, which sends the train away, and after a few minutes you should get a nice cash bonus.
Before long you should have plenty of spare cash to do whatever you fancy, and cut out many hours of grinding with the starting equipment.
Welcome to farming! (If you're anything like me, you'll soon start looking at gaming PCs when you see some of the maps and mods out there, they completely transformed the game in my opinion!)

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Re: New to game. Need help

Postby Puckswack12 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:45 pm

I wasnt sure where to begin with logging. I didnt know if i would need to invest in that scorpion thing, how to move the logs, etc. if i can just buy a chainsaw and push logs into a pond (is that really how you sell them?) then yea ill make some money doing that. Ive mostly been growing wheat and not much else..

About joining fields.. ive heard that if i dont make them perfect the AI will have a hard time working them so ive been a little scared to mess it up.. i have the four fields by my farm and that other field by the grain place which i never use.

Should i start making hay/straw bales? Idk if its worth the time and equipment since i dont have animals or anything.

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Re: New to game. Need help

Postby JohnDeere318 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:07 pm

Straw bales are a waste of time, don't even go there unless you have to. Most of this stuff, just YouTube it, it's your bestest friend! :biggrin2:
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Re: New to game. Need help

Postby Hairy Bob » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:38 pm

You really can sell logs just by pushing trees into the pond, yes! You don't get the best price for them, but it's the quickest and easiest way to get started.
The payout for logs is quite complex, but in basic terms the straighter the log, and the larger the diameter, the more you get per metre.
People have posted test results on here, iirc 6m was the optimum length, although the only way to measure is with a tree harvester, or by loading them on a trailer and cutting to length that way. As said above, check out logging tutorials on YouTube, there's lots of good info out there.
As for joining/creating fields, if you mess up or want neater edges, you can 'undo' ploughing by planting grass, with any seeder which can plant grass. I'm fairly sure you can even have a worker plant grass to give you a straight, square edge after you've expanded a field, although workers will cope with it unless you get it really wonky.
A word of warning, though. Don't plant a whole field with grass unless you're sure you want it to stay grass, as you can't hire a worker to plough it up! As soon as you hire one, it disables the create field option (LB+Y, by the way) so you'd have to do it manually. I planted the field near the bga (41?) In grass when I was getting into silage, then found out chaffing corn yields far more, and ended up ploughing the whole thing, which took a while...

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Re: New to game. Need help

Postby oakchip » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:54 pm

You can create silage in the BGA silos with just grass. Not as quick or effective as chaff, but cheaper. All you need is a cheap grass cutter and a loading wagon. As soon as you can afford these you can make silage. Feed it into the digester (the hoppers marked 'Fliegl' at the BGA) with a front loader shovel. It gives pretty good money in FS15. You have to fill the silos at the BGA with at least around 12 -13% I think, and this takes a while. Also, grass needs more compacting than chaff - run the heaviest vehicle you have over the grass a few times. When ready, blanket the silo (press 'R'), and wait about 10 hours game time. When the blanket disappears, shovel silage into the digester. Make money!

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