The Silo Limit

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The Silo Limit

Post by OrcaAmity » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:15 pm

Is there a limit to what the silo can hold? My main point is, if I put a lot and I mean a lot in there, does some of it glitch out and vanish like the bales of straw have in the console versions? I'm playing the Xbox One version and Giants have also told me there's a limit to how many bales of straw we can have in the console versions and I'm wondering if the same applies to the crops in the silo. Thanks.

Hairy Bob
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Re: The Silo Limit

Post by Hairy Bob » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:25 pm

I'm 99% certain there's no limit on silo capacity. It's just a number in a file, rather than bales which are individual objects that the system has to render.
I've had a couple of million litres of several crops at a time in mine without issue.
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Re: The Silo Limit

Post by Bootdancer47 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:17 pm

Some maps have limits on silo capacity-some don't.

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Re: The Silo Limit

Post by eric21 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:24 pm

In fs15 there's no limit

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