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Post by OrcaAmity » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:54 pm

Why is it the more crops I sell with a demand the less money I get paid each time? I have a demand with Barley and I was getting paid over $40,000 at first and now it's dropped to just over $20,000. With a price like that I might as well ditch the demand sale and harvest and sell my Canola on regular sales and make much more money at around $40,000 per sale. Why are the demand sales ripping us off after a number of demand sales? What kind of BS is this? There's many times when I make over $35,000 with Barley on a regular sale and the demand sale is ripping me off. With what I mentioned with prices as in what I earn, obviously I'm talking about the amount for each tipper delivery.

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Re: Demands

Post by JohnDeere318 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:15 pm

You are selling more, which in turn you lose money, because they are getting so much in they don't need more.

In real life, if you give someone more than they need, they don't ask such a high price because there is so much.

Real life example: Mac's aren't produced very much, produced in low quantities = high price, PC's are produced in high quantities = low price. Crops are the same, more you sell = lower price, less you sell = higher price. I would put your time at 1x if you have a lot of crops that need to be sold.

Every hour you hit, the lower the price will get. If you sell massive quantities of grain at once, the more dramatic the price will drop every hour.
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