Pay Getting Less And Less

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Pay Getting Less And Less

Post by OrcaAmity » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:06 am

How come I'm getting paid less and less a day for milk when I feed my cows properly? I used to get over $35,000 at midnight, then about $25,000 and now $18,00. How come I'm getting less an hour from my greenhouses where I used to get paid $550.00 an hour and now it's $510.00? Also why is it when I deliver crops on demand I get paid less and less for each sale? For example, with Wheat, I make my first demand sale at about $50,000 and it drops less and less until the rest is always $20,000? I wonder why so much pay is dropping and dropping. I'm losing a lot of profits.

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Re: Pay Getting Less And Less

Post by JohnDeere318 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:05 am

Just like I said here on the demand part:
You are selling more, which in turn you lose money, because they are getting so much in they don't need more.

In real life, if you give someone more than they need, they don't ask such a high price because there is so much.

Real life example: Mac's aren't produced very much, produced in low quantities = high price, PC's are produced in high quantities = low price. Crops are the same, more you sell = lower price, less you sell = higher price. I would put your time at 1x if you have a lot of crops that need to be sold.

Every hour you hit, the lower the price will get. If you sell massive quantities of grain at once, the more dramatic the price will drop every hour.
The cow problem, I would assume is the same way, but I could be wrong, someone else will have to confirm that problem.
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