1000 cows. Mixer plant and course play.

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1000 cows. Mixer plant and course play.

Post by doomsmith » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:23 am

So I set myself a task to take the basic "Easy" starting career and work my way up to 1000 cows. I choose to use Marhu's mixer plant mod.
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It's easily do-able. I just finished maxing out the feed in the cow shed for 1000 cows. 2,000,000 units of mixed rations and around 600,000 units of straw. They produce about 1,000,000 credits a day. It takes a LOT of food. To be able to max them out took 2 mixer plants running 24/7 with minimal downtime (usually waiting on silage). Field 15 for straw (via wheat), 19+20 for grass worked as one field, 21 for corn.

If you want to attempt it, don't forget (like I did) you can make silage by dumping grass into the silage bay, not just chaff. Ultimately though the Big Krone will do a better job with a large corn field (say 21) when you can afford it. Course play is a little flacky with the smaller corn chaffer. If you can, I'd skip it.

Another tip is that the telescopic loader should be used to load a trailer with silage, not direct to the plant. If you set it direct to plant it will work, but not only does it create a lot of unnecessary traffic, which will become an issue later on, but it does not recognise the plant being full and will continue to throw silage away. If you load a trailer you can dump 60k silage at once into a plant and keep the traffic down. The tipper will recognise the plant as full and stop. For this reason it is actually more efficient to forget about the cow yard silage bay and just use the 4 large ones in the BGA plant.
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Now for my problems.

Course play and the mixer plant. Unloading is fine, bar one little detail that doesn't really bother me where the tipper will stall if the plant empties. Even as the plant fills up again it will not start loading. You have to "Stop driver" back up a bit and "Start driver" again for it to continue filling.

It is loading with grass, straw and silage that gives me the most annoyance with course play. It works, in that you can get course play to drive a loading wagon past the mixer plant and have it unload. However it only works about 30% of the time. Most times it will just drive past. The UI shows "Q - Unload" as an option and pressing it will cause the tipper to unload, but Course play seems unaware.

I have been trying to determine what causes these cases where it ignores the tipper point and other times it doesn't. I haven't found a solution yet. Sometimes course play even shows "tip point reached" but doesn't actually unload at it, just drives through.

The plan was to put a row of 4 plants down one side of the BGA plant. Create a single direction circuit of the BGA plant so that a loaded silage trailer, straw and grass loading wagons would dump at all 4 plants one after the other. Once the first one is full it would empty into the second and so on. I did have this working with 2 plants and the cow shed for straw and it unloaded at all 3, but it wouldn't work for grass. With the 4 plants in a row, straw won't unload to any of them and silage only unloads to two of them!
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Any tips, suggestions?