Wheel,joystick and shifter measurements

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Wheel,joystick and shifter measurements

Post by blackdoom » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:22 am

I am planning on building another desk to have for farming simulator and other simulator/racing games to cut down on the setup time it takes every time i want to play.
Reason for this topic is that i don't want to build this desk for my setup and in a few years i replace with new setup and i can't get the placement i want as the build was built for a smaller setup as an example.
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I use a Logitech driving force gt wheel with a thrust gxt 555 predator joystick, no shifter except built in one in wheel.

So what am i asking for? I'm asking for measurements from the wheels,joysticks and shifters you have.

Height from desk to wheel peak. (it's to determine at what height to put the monitor at.)
Thickest mount surface.
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Width and length.
Height from desk to handle start.
Width and length.
Height from desk to stick start.
Thickest mount surface.

Length from back to pedal start.

Measurements don't need to be precise. Either cm or inches work there is always online converters Cheesy
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Thanks in advance.