Front loader, invert control of the mouse

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Front loader, invert control of the mouse

Post by akym » Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:52 pm


I want to change direction of the mouse when using front loader.
Specifically talking about extending and retracting front loader arm when using mouse.

By default it's set to axis Y (vertical - up and down) and to these controls:

Right mouse button + down = extend arm (pull out)
Right mouse button + up = retract arm (pull in)

And I want total opposite, to be it more logical, so like this:

Right mouse button + down = retract arm (pull in)
Right mouse button + up = extend arm (pull out)

When I'm saying up and down, I don't mean arrow keys but ordinary mouse movement up and down while holding right mouse button.

I have tried to change Y axis ingame, no effect.

I also edited revert option in inputBinding:
<axis name="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM2" category="VEHICLE" key1="KEY_lshift KEY_j" key2="KEY_lshift KEY_n" key3="" key4="" button="BUTTON_6" axis="AXIS_4" device="0" invert="false" mouse="MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT" mouseAxis="y" button1="" button2="" visible="true" />

This works for keys but also no effect for the mouse. And btw, I have tried set it on 'true' aswell, also no change.
So I am curious if you can change this option for mouse somehow and if so, how?