Misty Hazelnut estate hiring

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Misty Hazelnut estate hiring

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Misty Hazelnut Estate

About us

We are a small estate trying to grow and trying to meet some nice folks!
Our plan is to get some nice multiplayer maps and take every potential out of it
On our farm every worker also gets his own tractor once he passed the trial period
We are also trying to make the server as realistic as possible

What we do

Our goal is to run the farm in the most realistic way possible.
We try to get money out of every litle things to Invest in bigger or more equipment to make things go faster.
Currently we are playing on the Smokedown Farm map and we are liking it very much!
We are also using soil mod to make it even more realistic

How to join us?

In the link you can fill everything in that we need from you.
We will also try to contact you as soon as possible when you filled in an application in the link below

Apply here

Extra pictures

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_11_48.jpeg[/img][/center]

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_12_16.jpeg[/img]

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_33_54.jpeg[/img]

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_34_35.jpeg[/img]

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_34_22.jpeg[/img]

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_08_50.jpeg[/img]

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_12_02.jpeg[/img]

[img width=750 height=411]https://gallery.fs-uk.com/177561_24_08_16_7_11_09.jpeg[/img]

Hope to hear from you soon!