Multiplayer, job offer/request (dedicated players)

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Multiplayer, job offer/request (dedicated players)

Post by Piskotes » Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:26 pm

Hi everyone.
I’m Piskotes, quite a FS15 fanatic, who take this game serious and always work hard on a farm. I’m looking for some players like myself, who are dedicated and really enjoy this game. Always clean machinery after work and keep farm nice and tidy, so there are no vehicles parking around the farm.

I’m looking for the workers who are willing to do job required and can help me increase farm income as much as we can. I do not run dedicated server, but anytime, quite often U can find me online on my Bjornholm farm with some mods, game name Piskotes (dedicated players ) , international server.

I’m also willing to help other players with theirs farms. But it needs to be farm where you have some system, rules and game has to be password protected. If you need some help guys let me know and I will for sure help ya.

In any case Send me a PM, and we will grow it together …

See you on the field . . . . Piskotes
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