Marshall bale trailer

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Marshall bale trailer

Post by dandare75 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:01 am

I have installed the Marshall bale trailer mod BC36 whixhbhas the fligel autoload function.How do I add to the product type square silage bales? Collects everything else other than thusbtype of bale.

Any help appreciated

Hairy Bob
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Re: Marshall bale trailer

Post by Hairy Bob » Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:23 pm

I haven't tried this, but from a quick look over the XML file, the first thing I'd do is, find the section at the bottom which deals with the autoload function, select the whole section from product 1 as far down as product 2, copy and paste it after the last product number, change the number to be the last current entry +1. In the file I have it shows 13 products, so I'd call my new section product 14. After that change square straw to square silage, save it and give it a try.
I strongly suspect this may not work, and might potentially balls something else up, so make a backup of the original first, and test it in a new save, just in case.
If it doesn't work, chances are something in the lua script needs adding, but that's beyond me.
Bulletbill has stated that he simply added the autoload script from HoT modding, in the trailer's support thread over on fsuk. It might be worth trying to contact them directly
Otherwise, all I can suggest is to try out the Krone Ultima mod, which is what I use when I can be bothered baling silage. Mostly I just use a forage wagon to collect grass if I need it, although I normally make silage from corn chaff.
I keep going back to bales, and keep falling out with them over the messed up physics.
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