Mixing station (cow food)

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Mixing station (cow food)

Post by fraserfendt1050 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:22 am

Hi all

I'm looking for a little help, What it is that i'm looking for is a mixing station that is only placeable with giants editor in to a map I'm Building
And if it had a description on how to add it so it works that would be brilliant. I know it's something to do with "extra source files" but thats all I know that has to be added.

I dont have internet at home and have to use the library so my time is limited. If I see something about it in a internet search I have to make a note of it go home try it and if it dosnt work come all the way back to the library the next day and try a different approach. Thats why I have made this post because I know that I will get the correct information here.