please help me fix my map edit

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please help me fix my map edit

Postby Tsikows » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:52 am

im currently expanding a map from 4x to 16x. none of the original map will be altered in any way. all im doing is simply adding on the extra space around the original map. my problem comes when i open up my "new map in GE. some of the placed items no longer match up with the terrain. (mostly roads) have spots where the terrain extends out of the road. defiantly a problem since the edit, as it never did that before the expand. this only happens on hilly areas. there are no issues anywhere flat. another thing it affects are trees. at the bottom of a hill the trees may be floating, but at the top of the hill they are clearly buried far too deep into the terrain. also not an issue before the edit. the second problem is that in spots the terrain is super bumpy. if i zoom out i can actually see the topographic lines like you see on the map01dem file. is there anybody who is willing to give me a hand here?

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