How to install mods.

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How to install mods.

Post by Delta » Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:12 am

Hello, here's an explanation of how to install mods:

copy your mod as zip-file without extracting to this folder: C:/Users/ Der_Tod /Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods or if using Mac to: Macintosh HD ▸ User ▸ Der_Tod ▸ Library ▸ Application Support▸ FarmingSimulator2015▸ Mods . Instead of Der_Tod put your username. If you start a game and then press "P" your shop window opens. Then click twice on the little white arrow in the blue field top right of the shop window. The first click will show you brands and the second will show you mods.
But: Not all mods you can download somewhere show up in the game. There are also mods you have to put into a map using the Giants Editor (for example buildings and other objects) or there are scripts which change or extend the gameplay but are not buyable. Also, not all mods are compatible with the latest patch or quite opposite will only work if the latest patch is installed. And some mods are packs and have to be unzipped (most of them rar-files or with something like "unpack" or "unzip" in the file name).
If your problem isn't solved by this, post a link to a mod which is in your folder "mods" and nevertheless missing in your game, and also post your log.txt viewtopic.php?f=827&t=88665 The explanation for FS 2013 works for FS 15 as well. In the log.txt is shown if the game can recognize the mods.

Here's the path to the mods folder of the AppStore version for Mac:(~/Library/Containers/com.astragon.farmingsim2015/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods).

If your having trouble finding the mod folder on Mac, here's a tool created by Don_Apple to help you find it.

Special thanks to der_tod :hi: , clw2147 :hi: , DanRan :hi: , don_apple :hi: and Keifer :hi: whose remarks are integrated here.
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