Tailgate Troubles

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Tailgate Troubles

Post by rmf304 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 5:45 am

I'm trying to make a working tailgate, but the model of this truck has 7 different parts to the tailgate. How do I reference those in the xml? Can it be a one line deal or will I have to make seperate lines for each part that needs to rotate?

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        <mouseControl iconFilename="$dataS2/menu/mouseControlsHelp/topDoor.png" axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM" />

        <movingTool index="0>10|134" rotSpeed="20" rotAcceleration="160" rotMax="0" rotMin="-90" axis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM" invertAxis="true" mouseAxis="AXIS_FRONTLOADER_ARM" invertMouseAxis="false" speedFactor="-2" rotationAxis="1" >
Also, is there a better way to do this than using the axis_frontloader_Arm for the tailgate? I'm kind of working in the dark here and using a line of code from a different vehicle and just changing the index to match the parts of mine.