Farm Sim 15 Keeps Crashing In Mulitplayer (XBOX ONE)

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Farm Sim 15 Keeps Crashing In Mulitplayer (XBOX ONE)

Post by IIDarkSeekerII » Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:49 am

So after a lot of problems with FS 17, I purchased FS15. It played fine for the first day or so. Then shortly after I bought all of the DLC packs for the game and installed some of them. Now my game will freeze and dashboard me and my friend at different times while in a multilayer match. It seems to play just fine in career mode, or in multi-player when I am alone in the game. But as soon as he joins within 5 minutes one of us will have the game crash and one or both of us get dash-boarded. And, yes we DO both have all of the same DLC's.

For some reference I have done all of the port forwarding for FS17 and Xbox One while trying to figure out what was wrong with FS17.