Two TM 160000M and G29 Wheel setup issues and general thoughts

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Two TM 160000M and G29 Wheel setup issues and general thoughts

Post by Japmaco » Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:13 am

So i wanted to get all these Components working. I have tried something like this Before and had to use joy2key etc etc. The bad thing about joy2key and all those other 3rd party programs is that it take away the fluent motion of doing multiple actions at the same time. You cant run two functions at the same time, bc its a keyboard program.

The latest i tried was the x360c program, where i had to map the x360 controller to the triggers to even be able to get the g29 Wheel to work.
During this testing i also tried the Logitech gaming software with listen..."fs2015" profile... That didnt work. I even tried the combined pedel box, no luck there.

- Issues. First of all when using a program like 360 to map the trigger btns to throttle and brake worked. BUT a big but. When running this solution i wassnt able to map my 2 tm16000 joysticks. I tried to play around with all the settings the program offers but no luck. As soon i as removed the x360 files from x64 folder i could map the axis again for my joystick. But then the Wheel dont work.

I just wish that a big Company like Logitech and giant could have support for the best Selling Wheel on the market which is g29 and g920. How hard can it be? I cant find any Words to describe all the testing i have been doing today just to get a simple joystick and Wheel to work in a game like fs15. I cant Believe it.. I really hope they have put down some man hours to fix this simple joystick layout and functions in fs2017. Every guy that wanna run a simulator in its natural form wanna have all the sticks that a real machine have and easy map them or even just click on finished profiles. How hard can it be i ask my self?

As per now i cant find any solution to getting the G29 and the 2pcs of Tm160000m joysticks to work together withóut having to run crappy keyboard to joystick conversions.

As long as i can move my sticks and be able to do do multiple functions as the same time. For example retract the boom and at the same time tilt the tool. When using those keyboard joystick programs its like pressing two buttons at the same time and it will go for the btn u pressed first.

So... any ideas, tips or something would be greatly appr. I have no more energy to try to solve this, its just so time consuming. All i wanna do is to be able to rig up my 2 joysticks in my playseat and the pedals and the g29 and just enjoy the game with all those btns and axis working like the should be.
Not to be rude to giants ppl but the layout of the Controls page in the game is just... by far the worst ever. Im used to other simulation games like p3d, fsx, xplane, race sims, dcs, arma 3 etc etc. All other "simulation" can do it right. Finding the joysticks, easy pick them out and map all the btns to whatever function.

I spent all day trying to get this to work. Im just so sick of it now. The game has been out for so long and nothing have happend. Im actually embarresed on giants behalf. That kind of joystick mapping and lack of support belongs in the lowest quality of range games.

But the thing that keep me going is the fact that i like the game. I just HATE the UI and the total lack of IQ regarding Controls.

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Re: Two TM 160000M and G29 Wheel setup issues and general thoughts

Post by Mythtaken » Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:54 pm

I agree that controller support in FS15 could be greatly improved (here's hoping for FS17). You should be able to just plug in your controllers and enter the settings. That said, a big part of the solution (for me, anyway) is following a specific process. I use a Fanatec CSR and pedals, with a logitech joystick and two DSD button boxes. Here's how I set them up.

1. Ensure ALL usb controllers are disconnected before you start. That includes things you don't plan to use for FS15, like a gamepad or even TrackIR.
2. Plug in your wheel and start the Logitech profiler. Make sure the G29 is the only thing showing up.
3. Set your pedals to Combined in the control panel.
4. Start FS15, make sure Gamepad/Wheel is enabled and go to keybindings.
5. Delete everything under the Gamepad column, except the control for "Accept Menu Item" as your game can become unresponsive.
6. Set your controls for the wheel and pedals (sometime you have to go back and do them two or three times before they stay).
7. Save the settings and start the game on a test map. Check your controls. Go back to the main menu if you need to adjust the deadzone or make changes. Once you're happy, quit the game completely.
8. Plug in your first joystick. Check the Logitech profiler and make sure your wheel is set as the default device (Dev 1). The joystick should be Dev 2.
9. Start the game and set the controls for the first joystick. Save and test as before.
10. Repeat for the second joystick, again, ensuring your wheel stays as the default device.

That should work, providing all the controllers are recognized by the game. In my case, the Fanatec wheel refused to be Dev1. It always changed to Dev6. I had to go into the xml file manually and set the wheel controls to device 6.
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Re: Two TM 160000M and G29 Wheel setup issues and general thoughts

Post by Japmaco » Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:45 pm

Thx. Ill def try it out before i give up. All that expensive eq just for Farm sim and its just **** config software.

I mean... As soon as the G29 is working without any use of joy2key or x360 programs and pretty sure it will Work. But when the g29 dont even work in default.. there is where the shitstorm starts.

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Re: Two TM 160000M and G29 Wheel setup issues and general thoughts

Post by Japmaco » Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:25 am

Tried it. Still the same ****. It goes backward. I have to continue press the gas to make it go forward, when i let the gas go he just starts to drive backwards.
Tried with the combined pedals on/off, all joysticks out, erased all the Control settings etc etc etc etc.
Crappy software. Good game, just shitty config settings.

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