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Post by Erica Von » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:58 am

How do you get the most out of workers in the game?

I have used them and to be honest you need to kind of point them in the right direction and check progress on them from time to time.
They tend to get lost, well that's a poor word, umm like they get stuck on the simple things any obstruction or protrusion and they get hung up and will just sit there eating up your $$.

Now on our real life farm as most farmers at least from our area will tell ya we would hire about 20 Mexicans to come help us on the harvest. And when our crop is off the field they would go and help out a neighbor. Only trouble was ICE would sometimes come take our workers and fine us a ton for using them.

So Since Trump has been president its only gotten worse not better.
I don't' want to turn this into a political chat but we didn't' vote for Trump cause we knew he would deport our labor force.
So what we did was go and hire homeless people for year round work. and now we do not have the same problems we had before.
we have a workforce year round to help us. our Neighbors still use undocumented workers and when they get taken away we loan them our
workforce to help them get their crops off the ground. We been hiring homeless for 4 seasons now and it does come with its own set of problems too.
we get tax credits and help from local government and federal government by doing this. Its not for everyone though you need to treat these people a lot different than your average workers.

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Re: Workers

Post by Guil » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:42 am

Workers are fine until ya hit a field with an odd bit on one side or whatever. I find it's best to square off some fields so for example on westbridge, I think it's field 17? Just behind the barn on your starter field, that strip near the barn I planted one or 2 rows of grass and used the smaller bit for beats and potatoes.

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