FS17? I’m totally sold! (New Features)

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Re: FS17? I’m totally sold! (New Features)

Post by W1der » Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:35 am

I get that there is a lot of players that use keyboard and mouse to play this ... but I do not understand why ... :confusednew:
These are probably the players that do not want narrow roads and other obstacles ... because it would make the game to hard for them.
Especially the new and impatient players (that probably would quit playing pretty soon, if they found the game to difficult to play) ...

The "farming simulator" is of course the "main theme" with this game ...
But most of "that" is about getting the right equipment on the vehicle, and drive it up to the field and having the hired help do the job.

What I personally like about this game (and why I keep playing it) is when I find myself getting better at driving the vehicles in "tight corners" ... becoming more and more accurate when using front loaders and cranes ...
And all this is so much more fun with a real controller!
I don´t like it when I can "floor" the gas pedal and be absentminded without risking a major accident while driving ... that is just boring ... especially on the larger maps when going from A to B basically is just one long road ... with possibly one or two perfectly shaped intersections ...
OK ... there is the "AI" traffic ... but it does not take long to learn where and how they drive ... give me some "drunk drivers" at least or make them drive faster and honk their horn when I am in their way with my slow vehicle (not the other way around) ... :lol:

I like challenges and I am happy that FS17 is at least some what heading that way ... *thumbsup*

I like maps where the creator even made the roads TO narrow to drive, without clearing a few trees here and there, to get the bigger equipment through ...
And I like it when I have to cut down some trees and plow the ground from scratch, just to create a field.

As of now when playing the stock maps I need to create this for my own ... this is why I like the placeable objects in the store ... and I wish that there was more of those, that does not need to be placed with "the editor" ...

Modded maps usually make my game lagg ... and this is why I am "stuck" with the stock maps ...
I am really looking forward to see what they did with the new map ... and hopefully there will be a third map later on also ... :search:
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Re: FS17? I’m totally sold! (New Features)

Post by Achtung Baby » Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:04 pm

I use keyboard and mouse... although I do have a joystick hooked up just in case.

Modded maps cause lag? Never experienced that.... but on the rare chance I've had a bad mod which caused the game to grind down.

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Re: FS17? I’m totally sold! (New Features)

Post by don_apple » Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:27 pm

Since there is now an official FS17 thread, please post any further comments regarding FS17 there: viewtopic.php?f=876&t=94382

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