Farming Simulator 17 features

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Farming Simulator 17 features

Post by Mattman » Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:55 pm

people need to realize that its not just about the graphics. everyone is getting all worked up saying its like 15 and I disagree. look deeper into it. lots of new features like: *thumbsup*

The menu has gotten 12 new graphics settings.
Your character (male or female) can wear different clothes. You can also name them.
Helpers are more intelligent. They detect obstacles. They also refill fuel and seed.A message appears on the screen when the helper has stopped or is finished (like Courseplay).
Lights (including blinkers) have been massively improved.
The number of dynamic lights is massively increased.
Vehicle lights will stay on if you leave the vehicle.
Engine sounds have been massively improved.
There are 3 different fertilization levels - Each level increases yield with 30 %.Plowing is necessary after every 3rd harvest to get an increase in yield (10 %).
Oil reddish as green manure / cover crop.
Seeds and fertilizers comes on pallets (some say Big Bags) that can be transported.
Sowing machines can be filled from Big Bags, using a pallet fork.Train and train station cranes are operable.
Objects like tree trunks, bales and pallets can be secured during transport using straps.Small objects below a certain weight can be picked up and moved by the character.
Tires deform more or less depending on the load.
Default vehicles are multi fruit capable.Manual ignition and "Stop & Go Pedal".
Animals now have to be supplied with water.You have to clean up after your animals.Animals reproduce (if they are happy).When you buy animals, you can have them delivered (at a cost) or transport them yourself.You can transport the animals using the new Joskin RDS 7500 Betimax.
You’ll be able to customize the vehicles prior to buying them. Customization options depends on the brand. E.g. Valtra Taktor T Series: color, engine, front loader. The Fendt 939: twin wheels, wide tires, wheel weights.Vehicle customization after purchase can be performed a workshop.
You can lease machines for 1/10 of the regular price.
looks amazing at night
Silo capacities are limited. More silos can be purchased.
Other new placeable objects are workshops (some also mention water towers and barns).Synchronization in multiplayer significantly accelerated.Grass and trees look much more realistic and better (no more hexagonal trunks).
Mixed Ration can now be bought.
There is a new small wood chipper

The content / features of the console and PC version are exactly the same.

these pictures show the night in farming simulator 17! its way better than 15.

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Re: Farming Simulator 17 features

Post by don_apple » Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:24 pm

You've already posten the same text before: viewtopic.php?f=876&t=94382&p=723159#p723159

Please don't post the same stuff multiple times! Closing.

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