Stoneway Farming Group looking for members

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Stoneway Farming Group looking for members

Post by mod farms » Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:57 am

Welcome to Stoneway Farming Group's Virtual Farm.

Here at Stoneway Farms, we don't adhere to strict realism while playing. We let the real-life farmers do that. We do have rules and guidelines, but not so much in regard to real farming practices. Our motto here is Fun vs. Real.

Server Info
Main Server: International
Game Name: Stoneway Farms
Password: Yes
Map: Chellington 2015 Extended
Difficulty: Hard
Slots: 10
Mods: Available on the server.

Teamspeak Server Info

Stoneway Farms Teamspeak Server: http://
Password: Yes

(Game and Teamspeak Passwords will be sent via PM once accepted).

Rules & Requirements
English speaking
Act mature and respect other team members
Be able to follow instructions and be a team player
Keep foul language to a minimum, as there may be younger players
No horseplay or running into things (unless Giants' engine is at fault)
Driving: We won't say you have to drive on roads all the time, just please be courteous to other drivers!
Team members who have joined a game will be expected to help with work to be done (there is plenty).
Teamspeak 3: Required
Headset / Mic: Required.

Administrative action will be taken against rule-breakers (up to and including kicking / banning).
We are here to have fun, but we must also have cooperation.

Current Team
Owner / Admin: thebadtouch (Alan)
Admin: mod farms (Keaton)
Admin: DE Farms (Dylan)

Also check out our Steam group at >>>>>

Please apply using the Application Form on our website. >>>>> you are not required to have fs-uk please fill it in with steam etc and your name on that site if steam you are required to join our steam group so we can contact you.

Once your application is received, we will send you our Teamspeak 3 server password in order to conduct a brief interview with you.