Harvest question

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Harvest question

Post by chaseydog » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:58 pm

What is the difference between a " harvester' such as the NH CR10.90 and a 'forage harvester' such as the Krone Big X 1100?
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Re: Harvest question

Post by GeneralWayne » Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:06 pm

A harvester harvests crops, a FORAGE harvester harvests forage, like mais and such but it doesn't turn into corn, it turns into forage...

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Re: Harvest question

Post by Rickenbacker » Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:25 pm

More accurately, a forage harvester is used to chop crops and grass into chaff, which is fermented into silage, and then used to create mixed fodder for your cows.

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