Camera change ?

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Camera change ?

Post by texasplowboy » Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:49 am

How do I change the camera in the xml ? From my reading I change camera 1 to camera 2 . And 2 to 1 . Nut still don't work .

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Re: Camera change ?

Post by thunderhawk » Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:34 am

what are you trying to do with camera as far as what are you wanting to change
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Re: Camera change ?

Post by EZP » Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:26 pm

From the PiqUp.xml...

<cameras count="2">
<camera1 index="0>4|0|0" rotatable="true" rotateNode="0>4|0" limit="true" useWorldXZRotation="true" rotMinX="-1.4" rotMaxX="1" transMin="4" transMax="20" />
<camera2 index="0>4|1" rotatable="true" limit="false" rotMinX="0" rotMaxX="0" transMin="0" transMax="0" useMirror="true" isInside="true" />

Notice the first line does NOT contain this part isInside="true" /> which is how we know it is the outdoor camera, while camera2 on the second line is obviously the inddor camera.
A couple of things you can do here. This part, limit="true" controls whether any buildings, trees, other equipment will interfere with the camera. You know how it will zoom and turn by itself when you back up near a building? That annoys me a bit. I prefer to move my camera as I wish rather than the game trying to avoid obstacles for me...which normally causes me to crash! So I will change this to limit="false" for the outdoor camera.
With the limit set to false above this next part is redundant. However if you prefer the camera doing its own thing but wish you could zoom out more, you can change the transMax="20" which limits how far you can zoom out. Try transMax="100" for a bird's eye view.
Last thing on cameras. By switching the order in which they appear in the xml, you switch the order of camera selection in game. Meaning, if the indoor camera was listed first, that's the view you will have when you enter the vehicle each time.

(I am also a heavy mod addict) :D

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Re: Camera change ?

Post by W1der » Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:38 pm

There are also camera scripts that apply to all the vehicles in the game ...

I think the ones I use is "Nocollision" and "Extendedzoom" wich basically does what EZP described ...

I recently downloaded a "kotte kit" witch contained a truck that had a 3:d camera angle.
A fixed camera, basically showing what your typical left side mirror would reflect ... this is pretty useful!
The creator of this mod, should have gone all the way and added a angle, one for the right side also.
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