MAXIMUM Forestry is Recruiting!

MAXIMUM Forestry
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MAXIMUM Forestry is Recruiting!

Post by MAXIMUM Forestry » Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:48 am

Maximum Forestry is a logging company based in Europe. It was Established in 2016 by Mark Queen (CEO).
The company is executing a variety of jobs. We are cutting, skidding, on-site processing, loading and transporting logs.

Depending on the forest and the environment we are using forwarders to bring the logs from the forest to the what we call a 'lager' from where trucks can pick up the wood and transport them to the lumberyard or the sawmill.

We are recruiting experienced workers based in Europe. We are looking for people who like keeping things realistic, no driving over fields, trying not to crash, doing forestry as realistic as possible, roleplaying and such.

People who apply should be aware of some things.
  • You must listen to your chief or someone who is supposed to give you task(s).
  • This is a roleplaying based team, if you don't know what roleplaying is, don't apply.
  • When we are in game I expect everyone to play as realistic as possible.
  • Everyone has a purpose in the game.
  • You will be paid in game because of roleplay.
  • Every each day we start playing you will be given a task for that day, it may change during the day, depending on the situation (e.g) We start playing, I tell you that you will be forwarding wood to lager you will be doing that, no such things as "I don't want to, "I don't like doing that", if you plan on doing that, don't apply.
  • 90% of mods required to transport wood have autoloading which means that you can auto load logs, you don't need to autoload them but if you feel like it takes too long to load it manually then just use the autoload function. Same goes for unloading.
  • Once you are accepted you will be given a link to the modpack.
  • You must speak and understand English. You should be at least 16yrs+ (Exceptions can be made). You must have teamspeak 3 and a working microphone.
  • We will be using a variety of logging maps which if you know a good one you can suggest, we will be using edited Rockwood for a start.

Thank you for reading, I hope there are people who are looking to play as realistic to real life as possible.

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Re: MAXIMUM Forestry is Recruiting!

Post by mayoollie » Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:32 am

Can you give me some details of what equipment you will be using?
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