[Xbox One] Summit Farms *Now Hiring

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[Xbox One] Summit Farms *Now Hiring

Post by The Vangelo » Mon May 25, 2015 2:33 pm

Summit Farms

Our Story
Summit Farms is a small team built on the basis of a large corporation. Summit employees have the opportunity to not only be apart of a growing business but also a fun team with good intent. We offer fun events like tractor racing, Lumberjack competitions, mazes, horror rides and so much more. Summit farms offers an endless amount of fun.

-Working with a great team
-A competitive pay grade system
-A job that fits you
-never ending fun
-Enjoyable events

Summit Farms Employee List
Founder - Creator of Summit Farms.
CEO - Chief Executive Officer, Runs everything
CFO - Chief Financial Officer, In charge of all the money
Manager - In charge of employees within their division, schedules employees
Supervisor - Assistant to manger
Ranch Hand/Driver - Main workers, handle all main tasks in division
Swamper/Loader - New employee of Summit Farms, does hard laboring work, Learns the skills of a ranch hand

Administration Division
(Handles the pay of all summit employees, The bosses)

Founder/CEO - The Vangelo

Transportation/Sales Division
(Handles the transportation and Sales of products, Also completes the missions)

Manager -
Supervisor -
Driver -
Driver -
Loader -
Loader -

Agriculture Division
(Handles All the farming, the main force of Summit Farms)

Manager -
Supervisor -
Ranch Hand -
Ranch Hand -
Swamper -
Swamper -

Lumber Division
(Handles the logging side of Summit Farms)

Manager -
Supervisor -
Ranch Hand -
Ranch Hand -
Swamper -
Swamper -

If you are interested in working at summit farms then please fill out the application and post it below. we looking forward to hearing from you.

Farming Simulator experience:
What division interests you most?:
why does it interest you?:
why should Summit hire you?

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Re: [Xbox One] Summit Farms *Now Hiring

Post by bradwalker99 » Tue May 26, 2015 5:22 pm

bradz ov s2 sms
can I be a driver please..AGE: 16
played s=fs3
because I like working in a team and helping people out
because I am a helpful and trustable guy

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Re: [Xbox One] Summit Farms *Now Hiring

Post by MountaineerMac » Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:36 pm

How are you able to pay players on console?

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