"Honk for trailer" problem

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"Honk for trailer" problem

Post by hasab » Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:10 pm


The "Honk for trailer" trick does not work with the Lizard pickup truck attached with Fliegl Dolly EA and Krampe SB 30/60 tipper for unloading the New Holland CR10.90 harvester.
When the harvester is full and I honk, the nearby Pickup truck doesn't move an inch.

Please fix it.
Thanks for advance!


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Re: "Honk for trailer" problem

Post by Navan » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:32 pm

Some other honk for trailer issues ive seen and are more annoyances so not as important, but felt they should be at least pointed out.

Sometimes a partially filled trailer will be ignored to call a completely empty trailer, even if that trailer is half way across the map. I was unloading sugar beats into a camion pulling a bg 30/60 as well as a Case III harvester unloading corn into a lizard pulled Bandit 750. I first noticed this when harvesting potatoes after i think i believe, but in that case it wasn't nearly as clear cut as the closer loaded camion did come a few times and the other trucks weren't much further away.

In all cases there was ample room left in the trailer and honestly I'd rather see it max out the filled and close trailer and proceed to harvest more while the auto helper hauls his full trailer back.

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