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A few questions

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 10:24 pm
by Omaha
I just upgraded from farm simulator 2014 to the New Farm Simulator 2016 & had a few questions...

Question 1: Difficulty Level
Can someone tell me the difference between difficulty levels & what effect it has on Game Play?

while I playing fs2014 I selected beginner but found it was way too easy, so when I started my game in fs2016 i selected normal & it does seem to be more reasonable, but maybe Im wondering if I should select the "Hard" difficulty if it might be better for delaying crops to suit my play type

I don't want crops to mature too fast because once I am established & own several fields I don't want to have several hours of work playing catchup rather just maintain the fields & crops a few times a day for 15-20 minutes a time but a crop should not rot unless its left abandoned for days, I dont like the feeling I need to rush & harvest it because it could wither at any minute without notice.

Question 2: Camera View
Is there a way to adjust the zoom without adjusting the tilt? if I zoom in to around 75% or more the viewing area is further then the object radius so when i drive down a road objects just popup but tilting to a closer view would be okay, is there anyway to set tilt or zoom separately?

Question 3: Harvesters (COMIA)
Is there no corn header for the harvester included with new game? I see some goofy 3 foot yellow corn header with an off brand but where is the full size header like the Case harvester has one header for corn and another for grains but both are same size.

Question 4: Harvesters Headers
Can the different headers fit on different brands? will a case header fit on another type harvester or are the brand specific?

Thanks again Giant for the sale!'s sweet deal!.. .i just need to spend a few days getting the farm built up, i'm tempted to just buy some coins with the money i saved to get some equipment but ill give it a few days see how it goes, its no fun if its too easy!

Re: A few questions

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:43 am
by JohnDeere318
Answer for Q#1: A difference is the money you get, the prices are expensive, and you do not get a whole lot for goods. I think there is a setting on the Mobile game that you can turn the settings to "Off," "Slow," "Normal," and "Fast" for the plant growth.
Answer for Q#2: ***The only question I do not know, sorry***
Answer for Q#3: There is a corn header for the COMIA C6, it is called the Capello corn head and you can color select it (at least on PC you can color select it).
Answer for Q#4: Truck yeah! :lol:

I hope this helps you. :smileynew:

Re: A few questions

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:52 am
by Omaha
Thanks for your help,

I found its alot harder on normal difficulty they easy level, it's "very easy" for kids I bet! fair enough!

There is no setting for plant growth on mobile that I can see... I really wish I could set it for longer, that is my biggest issue, its impossible to manage all the fields with active crops, in any practical way, I have 4 crops fields & 1 grass field & thats keeps me busy even with several helpers!

thanks again

Re: A few questions

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:45 pm
by JohnDeere318
No problem man! Anytime! :biggrin2:

Re: A few questions

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:47 pm
by Navan
Unfortunately i got distracted by other things before i ever got to all fields in use, but i did have down a great method of keeping all 6 fields in assembly line operation on the NW corner with 3 tractors and the combine(4th spare if i plant potatoes or beats). I had started to a second operation in the south with a second tractor group when i stopped, but i feel it is possible to manage most if not all fields without feeling like you're not getting down time. The helpers are what really make this possible. Even with their annoying quirks, all you need to do is find the "sweet" spot on each field that you can drive to for starting the equipment, then let em run on auto. For instance thefields bordering the starter fields have sheds blocking the best direction, but the other direction works perfectly on auto.

I have a tractor that only does plowing, one sowing, one fertilizing, and one for harvesting potatoes and beats. The top two tractors are what really make this possible. Course we're talking about once you've got a lot earned, till then you have to make do with either saving money and not using the hired help or changing equipment out on one tractor then letting the help do the work. I really recommend seprate tractors even if it's the cheapo, as the hired help let's you focus on other tasks(baleing, moving equipment, logging, or manage the field a seprate task).

One thing to point out, fertilizing only needs done before the plants mature and the fertilized state will persist if you plow unharvested crop. I believe harvesting is the only way to remove the fertilized state, so if the crop withers and you plow it, you won't need to fertilize the next planting in that field. You can use this to your advatage if you need to speed up or slow things down, since it isn't till you finish sowing that the"timer" till harvest begins.

Also interesting side note. I've noticed that it seems a field will not truly begin growing till a tractor has finished sowing for some length time. As such if you need more time still, using your slowest tractor with the smallest seeder toy have to sow should give you even more time. I think this is done for astetics, otherwise the largest fields will have multiple stages of growth from probably even the fastest tractor sowing it. My thought is that the grow timer resets on all newly planted stage 1 crop everytime a new seed is sown, but if it reaches stage 2 growth without any new seeds, then it _may_ ignores new seeds(it's also possible it resets it's timer too though).