New FS16 version released. What are the changes?

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New FS16 version released. What are the changes?

Post by Dr. Bob » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:18 pm

So there's an updated version of FS16 in the Play Store today (24-10-2016). Version Where can we find a more detailed description of the changes?

Frankly ALL software makers should maintain a Version History and Changelog of all their software. Not doing so is a MAJOR omission in my humble opinion because it usually contains VERY relevant information for the users (especially for paying customers).

This is the extremely limited and frankly very uninformative and very unhelpful description from the Play Store:

• Improved in-app purchase reliability
• Fixed selling of excessive bales
• General bug fixes and stability improvements

What's fixed about selling bales? Could you sell them before? Where? At the biogas plant? Or couldn't you and can you now? Completely unclear and only confusing.

What bugs have been fixed? Anything related to the regular game dynamics like any of the many getting stuck problems?

Unfortunately nothing has changed in the 75 item limit. :( PLEASE change this! Or tell us why not.

I'm not sure what the effect of the launch of FS17 (already available for downloading but officially tomorrow?) will have on the mobile versions. Will most of the development efforts be put into fixing any bugs that will manifest themselves in that version or will the developers now the work on FS17 has mostly been finalised have more time to spend on fixing/improving these mobile versions again?

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Re: New FS16 version released. What are the changes?

Post by hasab » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:25 pm


I am also very curious what are the changes but I do not think we will get any more details about it :confusednew:

About FS17: FS14 and FS16 are for mobile devices. FS15 and maybe also the FS17 are for PC and consoles. So perhaps the next main version for mobile devices will be the FS18 so I dont think they will present it before 2017.

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