[FS19]DevBlog - Tending to Animals

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Re: [FS19]DevBlog - Tending to Animals

Post by bossmanslim » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:05 pm

Noraf wrote:
Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:17 pm
And the ones of us that actually doesn't have problems with the game probably should voice that better too.
Here's the reality of the situation, only 5-10% of the player base even reads the forum and a smaller % actually posts anything on the forums. Forums are but one tool to gather feedback from the community as a whole and gaming companies would be in error if they used forums as their only source of information. On the other hand, forums work well for seeing where your game as issues or positives and when combined with other feedback avenues, they provide some guidance on where to take the franchise.

Here are what I've seen on the forums:
  • People generally are ok with the game and would really like it if their annoyance/bug of choice were fixed. Some of these annoyances/bugs are minor in some peoples eyes, some are great travesties in the eyes of others.
  • People who transitioned from FS17 to FS19 did so mainly because of Deere, graphics update and the placable/terrian system. Therefore if FS21 doesn't have some good incentives, FS21 will be challenging to get people to transition too.
  • Due to some software changes and some modders dropping their support, some key mods from FS17 (seasons, GPS, courseplay) are causing people to have a poor gaming experience until these mods come out. For those who want to use these mods, this exposes issues with the Helper AI, causing people to claim they are reverting to FS17 or moving to different games.
  • DLC is good, nitch DLC means less to the broad audience.
  • Communication is satisfactory to pathetic depending on expectations.
The forums indicate that the game would be fairly well received if the annoyances of bugs and perceived required mods were addressed. This brings up the question of will the game still be in peoples interest once the issues are addressed. If we look at google trends for the terms Farm Sim 19, Farm Simulator 19 and Farming Simulator 19, the data shows a 6 month high on November 20. If we sum the values at that point and set it to 100, we are currently at 11% interest as of today as there was on November 20, almost a 90% fall off. The data also shows some spikes, most of these are weekends, but there are two that are significantly higher than the trend line, December 26 and February 10. December 26 is fairly obvious because that is the day after Christmas where people are purchasing/playing the game they received as a Christmas gift or finally have time to indulge. The other spike is February 10, which is the weekend after the 1.3 beta patch was released. You know where there are no spikes, the DLC announcement; which generated no additional interest in the game. German data is relatively flat after release, has a worse fall off; with many other countries being the same, most without the 1.2 beta patch spike.

As of now, FS19 is only generating about 3x the interest of FS17, a mature game that is over 2 years old. FS17 took over 2 years to see the same 90% drop off in its trend line, which was basically driven by FS19s release, and was only at a 70% drop off 5 months from its launch, 19% better than FS19. Using this source of data, it would imply FS17 was better received than FS19.

Putting the forums together with the trends data means Giants needs to get the game back in front of the public; which they are currently failing at or they will have a hard time pushing new DLC to their player base. They also need to fix the game and provide innovative content so the players will promote the game to their peers. What communications they provide should be on a regular rhythm and provide some reasonable value.

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Re: [FS19]DevBlog - Tending to Animals

Post by saracaen » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:56 pm

The primary problem is the total lack of communication. They assign a new community coordinator, who manages to post and coordinate even less than the previous one. And what he posts mostly pertains to the new DLC, and not any of the issues people are having. I personally don't have any game breaking issues, but the lack of communication is bothering me. Combined with the announcement of the whole eSports debacle, and how that supposedly would not cause any delays in the development of the actual game. I'm not that interested in the DLC either, not enough new functionality and the brand means nothing to me. It's also not just the english forums that are mostly ignored, there isn't much official activity in the german forums either. The lack of competetion will likely mean that this won't impact the future of the series that much, but it does create a window of opportunity for a potential competitor to step in and do better.

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Re: [FS19]DevBlog - Tending to Animals

Post by wadeeb » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:30 am

I'm sorry but these dev blogs don't make sense. They don't have any flow and the pictures in the first one did not relate to the content. This blog was titled "the impact that the new DLC has on animals" but the article explained how FS19 has horses and that you need to transport cows milk ?

I love the game and have no complaints with it unlike many. I was looking forward to the dev blogs being just that, articles about new content and future features in development or what is being worked on right now.

Keep up great work with the game content, so far FS19 has been amazing, landscaping and placeable animal pens has changed the game completely for me.

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Re: [FS19]DevBlog - Tending to Animals

Post by gridfree » Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:07 am

instead of complaining about how it is done, why not show how you think it is done and work together, no wonder the world is turning to what it is, just bark and no help, then wonder why no one there to help you, we are just hurting ourselves and the progression of the game for things that are moot,
lucky giants made its game available to mod, snap out of it people, dont expect from another what you can not or will not do for yourself,

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