FS17 KUHN DLC Fact Sheets

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Re: FS17 KUHN DLC Fact Sheets

Post by OneAmongOthers » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:08 pm

ErwinR55 wrote:
Wizard_Nor wrote: option to connect bigger trailers together and not needing to have like 6 small ones to get decent tonnage.
What do you call decent tonnage?

Cause 6 trailers with 21000 capacity is 126000 liter, which is way too much for a normal sized transport tractor to pull in real life.
A full Krampe Bandit trailer with 59000L is already a heavy freight for the larger tractors, certainly if moved in mountain like areas.
The Krampe Bandit SB30/60 semi trailer in real life has a capacity of almost 30 tons. That's A LOT. This is usually why its hauled by a truck. Even in real life farming operations they use multiple tractors with trailers or often they bring the trucks with semi trailers right out onto the field when possible. I don't think a tractor's hitch is going to be able to hold all that weight let alone pull it. Plus you don't see tractors with dollies pulling semi trailers when a truck is much better suited for the task.

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Re: FS17 KUHN DLC Fact Sheets

Post by IanM » Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:32 am

Great DLC, however some pipes and hoses from the front mounted seed box and liquid fertiliser tank, to the implements on the rear would be the cherry on the cake.
Is surprised me that the level of detail can be so high and yet these to things have been totally overlooked...
I hope they get added to an update very soon!

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