It's Fact Sheet Friday

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Re: It's Fact Sheet Friday

Post by richardsiegers » Mon May 08, 2017 9:11 pm

dunnjob wrote:Hi all,

Long time "lurker", first time poster.

I think I am most excited about two pieces in this DLC. First is the Big Bud 450. Like others I am a bit bummed about the lack of duals, but at $225,000 it is a steal. This is going to allow me to get into bigger, more efficient equipment earlier when starting a new farm. I can buy 2 of these for about the same price as one Case IH QuadTrac.

The second is the Great Plains planter. I tend to grow a great deal of corn in my farms, which I will either harvest and sell or make tons of silage with at the Bio-gas plant. The biggest corn planter in the vanilla game is terribly undersized for bigger fields.

Just my two cents. I am looking forward to talking with you guys and gals more in the future. Is it tomorrow yet??????
yep $225,000 is cheap just like the 600hp Holmer terra variant at $249,000

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