FarmCon 18: Carpool and 'lets fly together' thread.

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FarmCon 18: Carpool and 'lets fly together' thread.

Post by Lisertan » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:55 pm


The FarmCon 18 is coming up and surely some of you are wondering whether they want to take the long way. That's why I started this thread.

If you want to come to the FC18 and have space in the car, or don't want to fly alone, or if you are looking for a place in the car, just post under this entry and I will add you up here.

What I need:
  • Are you looking for a seat or are you offering one?
  • When are you leaving, when do you want to go back?
  • Where are you leaving from?
You are welcome to add further details. Kind of like: Where do you travel to, in which hotel do you stay ect, I like to add them.

So an example would be:

Lisertan, by car, from Nuremberg on Friday, return trip on Sunday, has 4 seats open
Someone, by plane, from the Netherlands, flight on Friday, return trip Monday morning.

That sort of thing.
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Re: FarmCon 18: Carpool and 'lets fly together' thread.

Post by BlackDragon1032 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:12 pm

I'm heading to Farmcon by train from Belgium if anyone wants to join me just send me message :-)
The station of departure for Germany would be for me from Luik /Liège because I live in Belgian Limburg.
I don't have any estimation of costs yet because I haven't checked it with the NMBS yet and I wanted to book the trainticket for a group ( chance for a group a discount is always great :D )

Edit pfreek: You may want to add your location, so others from Belgium would know about the distance to your departure. Maybe you would like to give them your desired route and costs, etc. too

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