[FS19] Patch 1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows

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Re: [FS19] Patch 1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows

Post by TacoFarmer » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:47 pm

Ok 90% of the map has weeds.
I have like 3 field contracts,6,8 and 10.
10 is always baling.
Every other crop on 8 is sugar beets!!
Need this fixed yesterday !!
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Re: [FS19] Patch 1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows

Post by DaretryMe » Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:03 am

So patch should probably be out early this week was said in an early post in the thread.
It is already halfway trough this week.
Sure i know that's not fact, but an update on what is going on and when we can expect it would be nice!

Love the game but cant wait to get my New Holland combine fixed and the infinit food for my animals fixed.
Those bugs are the ones who pi** me off the most! :D

So any information of how the release of the patch is going would be appreciated!

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Re: [FS19] Patch 1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows

Post by SwissCheeze » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:21 am

So I've been testing out the beta today for the first time. Couple things I've come across. I'm also having difficulty like other people where grass does not get destroyed on owned land anymore.

The other thing that I've run into is that lights no longer turn off after the engine has been turned off. You can't toggle the lights either without restarting the engine. Little bit of an inconvenience, but nothing game breaking.

Hope this is helpful in troubleshooting bugs.

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Re: [FS19] Patch 1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows

Post by Doc Savage NDMF » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:51 am

Been running the patch for awhile now and have a few issues... I have run both a new game and my older save, problems persist across both. Since dumped the new game, I went experimental into Beets and then sugar cane. Not for me, too much running around emptying tippers and trailers. Old save has been fine, none of the negative pricing or anything.


-The AI has real issues with field boundaries. Fellsbrunn field 20 and 19 the AI gets really confused. Today it decided to go into 19 and sow over 1/2 grown crops instead of seeding a barren 20. Yesterday it limed field 22 carrying on from 21 for no apparent reason. (EDIT: it should be noted I do not own field 22) It definitely feels tied to landscaping and rolling. I've done a number of runs with the tool and the roller between 19 and 20 and none of them work to keep the AI out of one or the other. The AI will at times just derp out and try to turn around mid field for no reason. It will try to turn around on the original field 20 boundaries that haven't been applicable since I expanded that field day 1 so long ago.

-Engine brakes are good but not good. Down hills it works to help control runaway tractor speed with weight. Too well actually... But on level ground with little or no weight the tractor just keeps going and going and going. It was better before. You should have a lot of weight pushing you down hills and use some common sense and braking. I imagine that won't be popular though. Honestly if we could get the original empty behavior and the new down hill behavior it wouldn't be so bad.

-Landscaping is really nice. Yes it's sort of a pain to have to plow, plant grass seed and the roll over it to get grass back but the results of doing so with different underlying textures can be spectacular. If I could have one thing with this it wouldn't be to have a "grass layer", it would be to have a better edger than the roller for more control setting field boundaries. That roller *censored* with a capital K...

-We demand a shrubbery... No...Two shrubberies. Be nice to be able to plant shrubs and tree rows as landscaping for fun and not profit like woodland lumber.

-Prices are a bit wonky as mentioned in other posts. For me it's jack up of fertilizer... That stuff got 'spensive...

-Job pricing has some good and bad as well. It doesn't pay to weed. Or plow. Or harvest anything but big header crops. My time is worth more in my own fields and those jobs are there for when I'm bored out my skull and fertilizing is out of season. I do like the new twists on rental/lease equipment.

I have not had a single crash or CTD or glitch in at least 30 hours or so of play. Running an average system, ASRock z97x6, i5-4690K OC'd to 4ghz, GTX980 off an EVO SSD. Gets a little warm as I tend to run with decent details but they make big fans for that...


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Re: [FS19] Patch 1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows

Post by hiddit13 » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:27 pm

Doc Savage NDMF wrote:
Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:51 am
+1 totally agree with you.
there are some good and bad things with the patch but there is it a beta for hope the listen to us and change the bad things

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Re: [FS19] Patch 1.2.0 Beta Branch For Windows

Post by Stegei » Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:44 pm

The final version of the patch 1.2 is now available for Windows and Mac:

Some of the reported issues during the beta will be fixed in the final patch. A list of fixes is included in the first post of this thread.