[FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

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[FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by Chaki »

Hello everyone,

on Tuesday, June 18th 2019 we're going to make Patch 1.4 available to download.
Patch is now live: https://www.farming-simulator.com/updates.php

The patch will be ready at the following times (EDT/BST):
Playstation 4: 05:00 AM/10:00 AM
Xbox One: 05:00 AM/10:00 AM
PC/MAC: 04:30 AM/09:30 AM
Please refer to this page to convert to another timezone.

  • Fixed crash with very large foliage draw distances
  • Reduced stuttering with slow hard drives
  • Improved day-night transition (PC/MAC only)
  • Reduced specular lighting flickering
  • Vehicles and sound improvements (graphics and quality)
  • Fixed rare issues with bale collisions on consoles
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed helpers folding cotton harvester with a bale loaded
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by vondeylenfarms »

Better sounds for machines and fixed the stuttering! Big thumbs up!
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Re: [LS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by DustyK »

Can we get more detail on what Performance improvements?

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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by Daviss42 »

Wow I wasn't expecting 1.4 this soon, is the Xbox one multiple worker low fps part of the performance improvements?
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by OrzDemonic »

Sound improvements? This I've been waiting for.
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by matejcro »

small update *thumbsdown*
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by FarmerFrens »

I love this game. After a busy week of developing and bugfixing, nothing is more relaxing then a cold beer and some baling!
Thanks for all the updates. Big thumbs up to you guys for keeping on the bugs even after such a long time after the release. We don't get as much time, mostly it's right on to the next feature.

Oh and we need more turbo sounds in this game.
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by Toutafait »

Can we have more details please?
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by Miketeg »

Looking nice but I'm with the other, can we have more detailled explanation please?
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by Thomasmounce »

I wish we can have hazzard lights on console
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by slimshady7790 »

No beta release on steam?

thank you giants for your hard work and effort making this the best game on PC! yall rock!
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by BoxTunnel »

A birthday present for me? Thanks you Giants!
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by Bocianek »

And what is the new DLC you are preparing for? Bet on something about the new DLC.
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release

Post by Sonek4 »

Thank you Giants Soft for the update!
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Re: [FS19]Patch 1.4 Release


thanks for the update, any upcoming fixes for the online multiplayer money cheat?
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