Wynnstay Farm Looking for Farmers

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Colin Maxwell
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Wynnstay Farm Looking for Farmers

Post by Colin Maxwell » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:31 pm

Hi I am proud Owner of Wynnstay Farm on FS19.

I am looking for active Loyal farmers to join our farm! our server is 24/7 Open (PC)
About us:
*We play 100% Legit no money cheats, We have 2 mods currently to improve our game experience.
*We are all Mature adults and there is 3 of us at this current moment and looking for more farmers to join our busy farm!
*Looking for 16+ Farmer with some experience and have some knowledge to seed and to harvest and we do have a cow pen.(All training will be provided if necessary.

We own 4 fields and 1 small cow pen.
We own 3 Tractors, 1 Combine, 1 small 1 Medium Seeder, and more
We have own discord and trucking company so if u an ETS2 driver join our fleet-currently looking for manager on that side.

Come and join us and let enjoy the fresh air and do some farming :) Fancy to join our 100% legit farm and play way the game suppose to be? Join us today @ https://discord.gg/dV5PRBq

Ask for Colin Maxwell or Eric to join! hope I See you guys soon!