Shamrock valley

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Re: Shamrock valley

Post by siralex » Thu Oct 15, 2020 4:28 pm

Hi, I'm in desperate need of help to find v1.1... I've been playing for quite a bit on Shamrock Valley+Seasons now and I just bought the placable area, and I have the placable problem.. does anyone know where I can find the updated version so that I can continue the journey on this beautiful map?

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Re: Shamrock valley

Post by pingu » Sat Oct 17, 2020 7:17 pm

I remember this since I ran into to some issues about a year ago when I started that map. Could not place placables (don't remember if it was all the time or just when using Place Anywhere mod), and Seasons didn't work correctly. The solution was to remove a file from the map. I just downloaded the map from the Modhub and compared with the version I have installed and that I know works. The difference is a file named "seasons_textures.xml" that is not present in my version av the map. Pretty sure that is the file that creates the issues...

Move the Shamrock Valley mod out of the mod folder, unpack it, and move that file from the map-folder. Then re-zip the files, give the new zip-file the proper name, and move it back to the mod folder. No new save game is needed, so your current ones should work.
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