[FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by manosaurus » Sat May 19, 2018 2:55 am

Can’t we all just get along?

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by BigNRichlll » Sat May 19, 2018 4:15 am

manosaurus wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 2:55 am
Can’t we all just get along?
"I will have war." (Hemsworth voice)
I make jokes that others don't get.

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by AgriJock » Mon May 21, 2018 10:43 am

Smith Modding wrote:
Mon May 14, 2018 6:30 pm
The gaps come from the fact that consoles are built for budget gaming, so they're not as powerful, compared to a PC that's worth $800-$900
I think budget is the wrong word Mr Smith. "Easy access" or "hassle free" is much more appropriate.

From my perspective the cost of the platform is irrelevant, I could afford a high end pc but I got out of PC gaming years ago as its just waves of awesomeness when it works then disappointment when there's an issue. I just want to play a game, I'm not interested in optimising settings, fixing compatibility issues or checking for and downloading updates, and I'm certainly not interested in constantly updating my hardware. So back in the day I sold the PC, bought a PS2 and enjoyed the easy access instant fun. Now evolved to Xbox 1 and haven't looked back. Never say never, but I'm happy for now. I almost solely play multiplayer with a few friends, and it's real easy to access that ( I have no experience of FS PC multiplayer - is it straightforward?)

I would imagine giants will be looking at optimising the game a bit more to run on consoles as it's a big sector of their market now. So it needs to be successful. Maybe they need a new engine? From what I've gathered from the PC discussions on here the balance between hardware required to run the game at max vs what the player experiences seems out of touch compared to other games that look far prettier and seem to have more going on.

Ultimately if FS 19 isn't a big step then I will probably be happy to stick with 17, or at least wait till it comes down in price and the mods are flowing!

Things I would like from fs 19 in an ideal world (on xb1)

Multi angle terrain (so my ploughing furrows run in the direction I'm driving)
Follow me type feature
Seasons option
More medium size combine harvesters
Improved worker AI (I'm thinking like courseplay) we are not at a point where you can trust them to do anything properly.
Manual attach
Would be nice if you could pay a worker to clean/look after & feed the cattle/sheep as an option, like a shepherd or hearder.
Would also be nice if you could choose which field the animals live in, even if it was a limited choice of say 3, a choice is better than no choice.

Clunky things they need to fix.

You need to be able to secure machinery on low loaders during transport, it's so irritating when they fall off.

Bales and bale handling - it's ok currently but could be so much better, stacking can be very frustrating as the bales behave like they are weightless.

Ability to select where you reset machinery to, would be good on big maps.

Mod hub - really frustrates me that it takes you to the start of the list every time you read about a mod and back out to the list. If you are scrolling through and comparing similar mods to decide, it takes forever. Would be really nice to be able to select and compare items, their hp requirements, width etc.

Customising - when you drive a tractor over the box to put dual wheels on, it selects the weight box/the loader/the cultivator! Anything but what you want basically. Another niggle that could be improved.

Radio music - would benefit from more choice.

Better vehicle sounds - the engines are a bit flat, some are better than others but generally vehicles sound like they have a 1000rpm rev band, and I know that's relevant on tractors with CVT's but not on everything. I like the sound of a meaty 6 cylinder diesel, we need more dynamic noise, more bog down and hunting revs as you pull something large like a wide cultivator. More variation between the vehicles.

Just a few of my thoughts! Sorry for the long post.

Enjoy your farming, friends.

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by reider » Mon May 21, 2018 3:05 pm

I have virtually every Simulator going. Out of all of my simulators I go back to Farming Simulator more often than most. It just has that special feeling that draws some people in. I only have to see a Farming Simulator YouTube clip and I'm back opening Farming Simulator 2017 up again. I guess I've had hundreds, if not thousands of hours, of sheer enjoyment out of it. I also get a lot of satisfaction and relaxation whilst playing it, at the same time retaining that certain buzz of creating the money, working the land, feeding the animals. It doesn't matter where the changes come from, be it Giants or Modders, without Giants the Modders couldn't make so many changes using the base code and scripts. Without the Modders giants couldn't come up with so many useful ideas they know from experience that people like already-instant acceptance!

So, roll on Farming Simulator 2019. My money as a semi invalid is very short but I will not hesitate to buy it. I know it will reap the same enjoyment, if not more than the past few years have done already. It and ETS2 should win awards for what they have achieved for the Simulator Genre. They may not be perfect but they are certainly entertaining. We have some folks against Giants and Farming Simulator or the changes they may or may not make. But the fact they are here in this forum in the first place means they are interested, admit it or not. Red pill, blue pill....your choice, buy it or don't. I already made my mind up to buy it, no hesitation at all. I love playing Farming Simulator 2017 on one screen and my fave live stream on the other screen, sometimes even Farming Simulator 2017 in the Stream itself too.

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by Alagos » Tue May 22, 2018 8:17 am

I can agree with that, reider. FS and ETS2 are awesome games. Though I think FS is my number 1. ETS2 gets boring when the main save has about 175 millions and nothing to spend it on ^_^

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by hondarghini » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:59 pm

And again....they made a game for children...

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by squall39 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:38 pm

Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec l'auteur du sujet, mais je souhaite ajouter un gros bémol d'un scripteur que vous avez tous oublié, vous lui avez tous cracher sur la gueule et son mod est de loin bien meilleur que celui de réalismus car je le mettrai toujours devant, son mod m'a toujours fait rêvé au point de vue du réalisme et la jouabilité du jeu, il s'agit du fameux soilmod à l'époque de sa première sortie sur le fs13 puis fs15, ce fameux scripteur je le nomme DECKER l'un des personnages principaux du site fs.uk

I totally agree with the author of the subject, but I want to add a big flat of a writer that you've all forgotten, you all spit on his mouth and his mod is far better than the one realm because I always put it in front, his mod has always dreamed me in terms of realism and playability of the game, it is the famous soilmod at the time of its first release on fs13 and fs15, this famous writer I call him DECKER one of the main characters of the site fs.uk

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Re: [FS19] - Time to really step it up, Giants!

Post by REDSTER-85 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 3:25 am

So logging isn't new, oil seed radish isn't new, sunflowers not new, sugar cane isn't new, weeders isn't new, soybean isn't new, harvesting poplars via forage harvester, isn't new,pigs aren't new, horses aren't new, cotton isn't new, John Deere isn't new?
Same goes for maps, this is all new to me and I've been playing sense 13. And because of 13 and 15 i don't need the mods, mods aren't enough to warrant the price tag anyway,more interesting games out there for mods. I feel as though it GIANTS added 100 of everything there will still be players not satisfied. The truest fans are the ones that can just play without being concerned about whats coming, and are plenty of these players because of they didn't exist 13 and 15 on console would have flipped and there wouldn't be 17 and 19 on console. Another reason it's pointless to make a fuss over, looking at GIANTS modhub, most mods do exactly the same thing as whats in base game. Doesn't make sense that a game can't be playable with 300 machines, plenty to use, but adding a few extra tractors, plows, cultivaters and what not and somehow it's playable.

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