I have got the android mobile phone dedicated app working!

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I have got the android mobile phone dedicated app working!

Post by zinzin112 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:05 am

Hello guys,

I can say that i have got the dedicated server app working on my @home made dedicated server!!

If you know the rest, all what you got to do is Port forwarding the static IP address in your broadband modem / router..

1. Installing the game, and activatie with your license..
2. Edit dedicated_server.XML file ( Password needs to added)
3. Open dedicated_server.XML -> it shows the server password and port which its going to use.

4. Open your webbrower and enter that in. example: http// (use the valid ip what dedicated_server.exe shows you)

5. Then you getting the server settings on a white looking page.

6. Go the the HOME tab. Its show you the pin code for the mobile app which you need to use. like 5930284

7. Go to your mobile phone on the main page there are 2 gray slots. Use one of them and put your valid serial in (example 5930284)

8. Then its asks to made a user ID or user name (you can put anything here you like)

9. Then it going to looking for your server.. At this moment it wont going the find it and stops with a connection error..

10. Now you have to `PORT FORWARD` the whole IP adres (which its needs to be made static) as example..

Starting port [1] to [5050] end port ===== ip: ==== protocol: Both (it needs to have a connection incoming as outcoming)

(perhaps its maybe better to only open port 5050 in this case.. So Starting 5050 to end 5050..) (because then you only use one port of security reasons.)

Then you wil see that your phone will connecting to your @home made dedicated server.. (for the server you just can use a regular low voltage ITX computer)

Thats all..

If there are questions please post.