Why are the Field Owners not working?

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Why are the Field Owners not working?

Post by Farmer Pain » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:12 pm

I'm playing the Lone Oak map on Hard mode on my X-Box. I have the Seasons mode installed and am playing in "Real Time" on 3 day seasons. In Early, Mid and Late Spring I completed the smaller missions for the other Farmers. By smaller, I mean mission i can get done in 30 min or less. I didn't attempt any missions that were going to take over 30 min. I don't have that kind of patience. I work through the night doing forestry work and cutting grass for silage so I don't "skip the night" as suggested by Realismus. I am currently in the later part of Early Summer and the fields that I didn't work during a Mission are still in the Harvested stage. The owner/farmer of these fields have not touched them in 4 transitions.

Sometime between Mid and Late Spring I fast forwarded the game speed to 120x to get past midnight to verify future animal prices. I noticed while fast forwarding, that work was getting done by the owner/farmer of the fields. The Map showed the Harvested fields now at the Cultivated or Growing stage. I didn't save the game, because my intent was just to fast forward enough to see the changes in animal prices.

Why are the Computer controlled Owners/Farmers not working their fields? Is it because I am playing in Real Time and not the suggested 5x speed.

I have also noticed that they do not plow any of their own fields. If I were to purchase one of their fields with a crop in it that's at the final growing stage, would the field yield 100% or 90% which is minus the plowed bonus?