Efficient Fertilising

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Efficient Fertilising

Post by S7ewie » Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:39 am

Im trying to work out the most efficient and cost effective way to fertilise my fields the 3 times (been a long time since I’ve played a farming simulator game).

I’m currently experimenting with a front mounted spreader and drill combination. It seems to do 3 processes at once, fertilise the un-drilled land > drill seed > fertilise the drilled land. The downside is that I’m experimenting using a 24m spreader and a 6m drill so there’s 12m of overlap on each run and, from what I can work out, you get charged for the full 24m whether there’s any overlap or not? Can anyone confirm that?

What would be the most cost effective or efficient way to fertilise? Presumably the most cost effective would be to slurry/manure before drilling, weeder pre/post em, then solid/liquid fert 2nd growth stage? Efficient would be to do the first stage with a fert/drill combination?