[FS17] Feedback

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Re: [FS17] Feedback

Post by drz » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:02 pm

Here is some deedback for you developers - Your greed murdered the multiplayer potential of this game. Here is why:

* Only vanilla servers have players in them, if that. Vanilla or private.
* Modhub mods can't auto download (see: Amount of multiplayers)
* You require us to buy a license at FULL PRICE, for dedicated server. Dedicated server development was crowdfounded at that, was it not? That is a scam
* You charge your more supportive customers twice for a dedicated server, but it can't even do active synchronization.
* You release more DLCs and another game rather than fixing the issues of FS17.
* You can't play on DLC servers without DLC, so yet another nail in the coffin for that multiplayer.
* If I buy another license (my fourth), I'd need to buy DLC for that server as welll (if I had that, but I'm not giving more money to GIANTS)
* You rely heavily on mods. Think FS19 is fit for sale.. It's basically a sloppily patched FS17. Charge $$$
* Release more DLC for FS19, fragment multiplayer even further between 2 games, bunch of DLC, fewer dedicated servers, inabillity to auto download any mod, the same mods that this game relies on.
* Cue dead multiplayer

The only reason you can do this, is because the player base likes shiny green things.

What GIANTS did with FS19, was to include more sheep head customers.

That server license thing + renting incentive.. I doubt it's legal if you ended up in court with it.

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