Seasons PC multiplayer problem

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Seasons PC multiplayer problem

Post by marco_kleijn » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:50 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm running into a very weird problem that I can reproduce on different maps which is solved by turning the Seasons mod off.

I normally play FS2017 with my girlfriend, so 2 players using the multiplayer feature. I first encountered this on a fresh game using the GreenRiver map. We use 6 day Seasons and everything was going fine until we reached Autumn. The following happened:

- Traffic on the roads disappeared for the second player. The second player would still suffer the hit detection from hitting a car but the actual car is invisible. The host doesn't have this problem.
- Gates would appear closed for the second player but you could walk straight through them. For the host the gates were open.
- Unload triggers would show up for the second player but when unloading would dump feed (like force unloading) on the ground instead going into the food trough.
- When the second player tries to load produce from a silo, the silo would come up as empty. Silo works fine for the host.

I have reproduced this same behaviour by letting my girlfriend host the game (taking the save game backup from my PC to her PC) on her PC and me being the second player. In that case everything works for her and not for me. So at that time I was under the impression that it was a problem with the GreenRiver map and the Seasons mod. When I turn the seasons mod off everything works again as it should.
Also restoring a save game backup from a couple of days ago (we were in summer then) briefly sorted the problem out until we hit Autumn again.

We switched to a Goldcrest game (280h played) which had Seasons already running on it. Everything seems to be going fine. We play for a couple of days, at some point Autumn comes around again and the same problems start in the middle of the game while we're playing. Log out, turn Seasons mod off and everything is back to normal again.

I have successfully played on other maps with the Seasons mod turned on, however this was before patch 1.5.3 and with version 1.2 of the Seasons mod.

We're running the latest FS2017 patch and all mods are up to date. Anyone else encountering this issue? If anybody could help with this I would appreciate it.

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Re: Seasons PC multiplayer problem

Post by ThaFarmer » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:25 am

You should submit them your problem on their slack chat room:
you can log in easily with a google account. | Bugs room.

I'm not sure they'll answer you tomorrow, but It's very likely they will do Monday.

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