Dedicated Farmers - You want to be on our team?

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Dedicated Farmers - You want to be on our team?

Post by Piskotes » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:18 am

Hallo fellow farmers.
Team dedicated farmers is adding few new members to its ranks.

Are you interested to join group of grownup farmers? We are always looking for new players who are willing to spend some time with us on our server(s) and do some farming + have fun at the same time.
Our servers are very "noob-friendly", so what you are good at is not so important to us, but we want to improve your capabilities together with us as we go, within the map we are running. We also want to learn from your experiences, to make the game better for us all.

We don't demand everyday dedication, but a couple of hours per week is better than not being online at all. The more time one put into server, the more responcabilities one should expect (ie. running own farm etc).

ATM we are running stock map Felsbrunn in Farm-Manager settings, together with few mods. Also we are expecting to change map in few weeks so now will be a great time to blend in, before new map start. Like this you will have a good chance to run your own farm straight from the new start.

All details are on our webpage: (including a "recruitment-form).
See you there *thumbsup*
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