So I hear you Like Farming Simulator 19

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So I hear you Like Farming Simulator 19

Post by Daynean » Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:02 am

Ohana Farms are busy growing and need your help to do so, come see what were all about, We are a Dedicated server with active players daily, with various farms to choose from. If like logging, come hang in Forestry, Animals we got paddocks to muck, maybe Silage or crops is your thing, we got that too. we try our best for realism and role-play BUT soon were adding a whole new set of farms where you can play straight forward without the RP, tje way you do in single but with a better community then if you want to get in on the RP action you can join a Ohana Farm!!! we offer a 24/7 modded server, a 7 week map turnaround, friendly staff and a great community.

If RP is your go too, Ohana Farms players have to deal with Taxes, contracts, job requests and role orders fines etc. and so much more, (we even got some sweet merch too)

so get your rears in gear and hop on to

See our work ... jBzapULeMg

We looking forward to seeing you there.

Master Woodsmen/Forestry Admin