[PC] Dedicated Server Looking for Members

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[PC] Dedicated Server Looking for Members

Post by mdrollins83 » Sat May 11, 2019 5:14 pm

Our group is looking for more members. We are made up of players from both North America and Europe. We like to work realistically but do like to fool around a little because it is just a game. Some of us have kids and other real life stuff to do so if you can only make it on a little bit a week, that is OK.
The server has some mods (1.65GB) with one click to download them all. We are currently playing Midwest Horizon. If you want us to use a mod, you can post it in our mod suggestion section and we vote on it. There are also some members that make mods as well.

We enjoy playing together and we allow anyone to do just about anything they want as long as it is productive and is profitable.

If you are:
-got a mic or headset to talk (preferable)
-Experience playing Farming Simulator

Come check us out at: