Gaming Communities and Multiplayer Farming Simulator

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Gaming Communities and Multiplayer Farming Simulator

Post by sofbud » Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:50 am

Hello All, I thought I would tell a story today seeing that Farming Simulator 19 will be coming out tomorrow.

I started playing Farming Simulator with FS15, but I only logged about 50 hours before I got bored. A year later or so, FS17 came out, and I bought it after about a year. This time, I got really in to it. I logged almost 200 hours in it within 2 months, but again I started to get burned out. I turned to the forums to see if other people had that problem, or if there was more to do. That's when I saw a post from KDG Gaming, saying that they were looking for members to play Multiplayer Farm Sim. I joined because I figured Multiplayer would be much more interesting then single player, and it ended up being a great choice. It's almost 6 months later now, and I still play Farm Sim Every day.paper provider companies

I joined to play Farming Simulator, but a big part of why I stuck around was because it was more then just a Server every day. It's a community, and people don't just disappear after the server goes down every day. We have members from all over the US and the world. A lot of us are in the Fire Service and EMS. We have actual farmers, business men, and students alike. We are a diverse group, and that's why I stuck around. The point of the story wasn't only to say that joining a Server will boost your interest in Farm Sim, but that joining a community will do that and more. KDG has a great farming system, with a dynamic economy and our own Rescue Department. We have a YouTube channel where you can check it out, or at our website KDG Gaming.

Farming Simulator 19 comes out Monday, and if you're interested in joining you can go through the website into our discord for an interview on Sunday 11/18/2018 and onward.